Uglow skirt: an outbreak of freshness, freedom and femininity

Welcome to pure lightness, freshness and femininity that lingers in you by opting for the Uglow Skirt for women when running out in hot weather. The delicacy of her skirt combines perfectly elegance and convenience with the support of its built-in shorts.

A skirt as elegant as robust

Its Thermo-Bonded construction gives you excellent comfort and strength to deliver ultimate comfort over long distances.

A wind of femininity and freedom blows on your stride

The Uglow skirt features an integrated shorts and a light and elegant skirt to bring you a good balance between support and femininity throughout your journey. Its lateral slits allow you to give a maximum amplitude to your movements without losing any of your natural grace.
A 100% stitchFREE garment designed by Uglow for an unprecedented comfort experience.
1-88% polyamide/12% spandex
2-80% polyamide/20% spandex
3-100% polyether

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‘-100%THERMO BONDED: comfort, lightness and durability
HIGH-TECH: Stitch-Free and UltraSonic-Stitch Free
BUILT-IN: comfort and hygiene with its inner short
STRETCH SIZE: adjustable fit
IRRITATIONS FREE: super soft, fresh, ultra-light and stretchy
SIDE SLITES: freedom of movement
MAGNETIZE POCKETS: practicality and style
VISIBILITY/SECURITY: reflective elements


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